• Tues: the premium kits are uploaded and ready to ship asap! very limited inventory, sorry bout the photos dropping off our site, hackers playing more games, we supply you anyway :)

  • Monday- we are loading 7", 9" & 10" kits at this time. Stand by for excellent deals !!! Ant. 

  • Scratch-n Dent Sale: not really scratched or dented, we are offering all our display units from our Gun show displays, but you get the idea. :) A great opportunity to acquire some "top shelf" units. We're a bit slow to photo & upload this inventory, so don't fret if our inventory shows zero. The boss doesn't want to let some of this go, but we're quite persuasive (we send him fishing :)

  • Due to limited inventory, this sale is on a 1st come 1st serve basis.


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The 5 Second Firearm Team

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