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10" kit /3 Endcaps/ 9 SS. Cone cups.

10" kit /3 Endcaps/ 9 SS. Cone cups.

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This spacious kit is a full 10” long for those with higher ammo usage or higher caliber ammo which has more gun powder in each shell thus requiring more barrel cleanings.

  • It comes with 3 (three) end caps: solid end cap with center divot, a 5/8X24 end cap AND a 1/2x28 end cap. Each end cap has course knurling for extra grip when installing or removing the end caps. Each end cap adds ½” to tube length.
  • The empty tube is 9 & ¾” long by 1 & ¾” wide and made of 7075 anodized aluminum for high strength. The heat rating of the tube and end caps is T6 (344 degrees F.)
  • Internals include one aluminum spacer and 9 (nine) Stainless-steel cone cups. The spacer goes closest the barrel and provides headspace for your cleaning brush. Each Stainless-steel cup is made from 304 stainless steel and 60 degree tapered with a flat end. Each cup will nest into the next cup for compact design.

This 10” kit is easy to use since both popular sizes are included in the kit. The SS cups inside are much stronger than aluminum and more corrosion resistant. Folks seem to really enjoy the combination of features and this kit. Make sure you have several in your gun maintenance kit.

Very limited inventory (due to supply chain interuptions).

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