7" Premium Kit: 2 hole caps, 2 fittings, no black cups

7" Premium Kit: 2 hole caps, 2 fittings, no black cups

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This filter kit includes a 7" premium tube, 2 hole endcaps, 2 steel fittings, 1 S. Steel cup & 6 springs. Black alum cups not included but can be purchased separately. This filter kit is popular for small to medium caliber pistols & rifles. With a hole and fitting on each end of the tube, it can be used one way for your AR15 rifle (example) and the other way for your pistol. Saves the work of trying to drill thru a solid end cap to install a drain. Folks ask for these often, so here it is! 

It’s easy to fit this size into your range bag. Here’s some details on each part:

  • Tube: 7 inch Black anodized tube made from 6061-T6 Aluminum with 2.5mm thick sidewalls to withstand heavy stress. T6 level heat treatment. The tube OD is 43mm, ID is 38mm.
  • 2 Attachment caps: with 13/16" center hole. 18mm (3/4”) super-thick aluminum. 6061-T6 anodized black. Takes any 13/16 fitting, fast attach, flash hider, or concussion forwarder, as long as they are 13/16" by 16 tpi (threads per inch). This is a common size of many fittings on the market. This cap screws 1/2" into the tube for a very secure grip & Adds ¼” to tube length. Our fittings & fast attach fit nicely into this attachment cap. 
  • Stainless-steel filter cup with a centered mini-hole for drainage thru the filter screen. The stainless-steel cup is cold stamped from a 2mm thick sheet by a 30-ton press with template. This ensures an accurate cup. It goes closest to the barrel. This cup slides perfectly into the tube. Some folks add 6 or 7 more of these for a full SS stack.
  • 2 Steel Fittings: includes one 1/2 x 28 black steel fitting AND one 9/16x28 black steel fitting. Our other size fittings are sold separately and will change out easily. 
  • Steel Springs: 6 high-tensile steel springs with corrosion resistant coating. The compressed springs make a coil of steel inside the aluminum tube to make headspace for your cleaning rod, fluid expansion & gas expansion.
  • Printed Instructions: for step by step assembly are included with your order. Suggested drill bit sizes for adding a drain are included too.
  • USPS Priority Mail shipping with tracking number, your order arrives in 2-3 days. Shipping cost is not included in the price of the kit (sorry). We hand pack your order and ship ASAP. You get a tracking number directly to your email.
  • This is an excellent addition to your firearm maintenance kit. 

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