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7 X 1.25 Pro Kit with Tri-lug

7 X 1.25 Pro Kit with Tri-lug


This Tri-lug pro kit contains 14 pieces. It is a combination of 7076-T6 aluminum & stainless steel. It includes the COMPLETE Tri-lug system ( 1/2 × 28 Trilug flash hider and quick connect Trilug receiver) so that you are able to attach and detach with one pull-&-twist motion. The trilug internals are made of 304 stainless steel, not aluminum. We include both threaded endcaps (1/2x28 and 5/8x24) so you can clean firearms without the Trilug system. The slotted spacer is made from 304 stainless steel and threaded to screw into the tube securely. Also included are 7 aluminum drainage cups and 1 stainless steel k-cup. Each cup has a 70 degree cone and center marks. Lastly is the solid end cap that has the hexagon tool shape making it easy to remove for cleaning. It includes a center divot on the inside of the cap. The stacking order on this kit is trilug on barrel, trilug on tube, SS spacer, SS cup, alum cups and then end cap.

We have designed this kit to be easy to assemble and easy to use including all the parts you need to make a tough trap for years of use. This helps avoid the frustration of trial-&-error parts that won't fit each other. This kit is an excellent tool in your Firearm maintenance tool box.

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