ATV Super Strut

$1,089.00 Regular Price
$999.00Sale Price

This is a pair of (servo controlled) super struts that are made for your ATV. They assist in controlling frame-to-chassis response in competitive environments like trail racing, ramping & jumping, water lunge, and other ATV sporting events. We make these application specific with only three measurements from you (head attach, tail attach, extended). Most applications are priced here, but we can custom build a beefier strut/shock with hyper servos to meet your engineer's requirements.

Some think this product is little weird for our website, but think about it. High compression gas & fluid control devices fits right into our mix. When I jump my 4 wheeler off the ramp, I smile when before landing cuz I know what's cushioning the blow. Oh yeah! Nothing but pure fun...and a ton of science that's gives you control of your ride. Hell yeah!

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