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Drilling Jig for 1.45 cups

Drilling Jig for 1.45 cups

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This is a precision jig for marking exact centers on 1.45 cups.

This jig kit is CNC machined from high grade aluminum. It includes the jig base, jig top, 3 tension bolts and one allen wrench. Insert one cup into the jig base, then tighten the tension bolt on the side for squeezing the cup so that it doesn't spin. Then install the jig top and tighten two bolts to compress the cup firmly. Now you're ready to drill! Repeat for each cup. For the longest jig life, most folks like to barely mark each cup to find true center, then remove the cup and finish drilling the hole.

This jig will make it easy to find true center instead of guessing. This jig pays for itself in avoiding costly mistakes. These are very handy to have in your maintenance tool box.

TIP: we like a Lil tape on the drill bit where it slides in the jig top :)

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