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Green Mag*BandZ - 5 pack

Green Mag*BandZ - 5 pack

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  • Mag*BandZ are used to quickly identify ammunition magazines by using the high-visibility color Green. This 5 pack of orange Mag*BandZ has 9 popular ammo types embedded around the band.
  • Made from 100% silicone. Will not fade or flake like rubber & pvc bands.               Resistant to heat, oils, grease, & dirt.
  • Professional appearance of your ammo box or gun safe.
  • Identifies your mags from other mags when practicing at the range.
  • Can be moved from mag to mag, no ammo restrictions when reloading empty mags.


Install: Slightly stretch over your mag. Notice that very little stretch is needed to install. This low band stress helps them last years longer. They can be left on your stored mags permanently without damage to the band or mag.

Tactical Removal: Sweep down the back of your mag with an open hand, or sweep mag up your thigh. This quickly removes the high-visibility band in situations where stealth is necessary. We designed tactical removal into the product by making a larger band that does not need super-stretch to install.

Label: A fine-point Sharpie is recommended. Install band on mag & trace your ammo type with a (black) Sharpie. Repeat several times for best visibility.

Double Mag: Band two mags together in opposite directions to make mag changes quicker.

Value Savings: @ $0.40 cents each!!! That makes prepping your entire ammo/mag inventory affordable and easy on your wallet.     

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