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5/8 x 24 Micro-Solvent Trap 7 Cups

5/8 x 24 Micro-Solvent Trap 7 Cups

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This is a very small solvent trap made for quick use situations. It's most popular for pistols and 22 cal rifles. This kit includes one tube, one solid end cap, one threaded end cap, 7 internal cups and one internal head spacer.

Tube: The tube is tiny, just 1 inch across by 5 3/4 inches long. It is made of 6061-T aluminum and is threaded over 5/8" deep on each end so the end caps grip securely inside the tube. The wall of the tube is thick to withstand intense pressure.

1 Solid Endcap & 1 5/8 endcap: made of 7075 aluminum. One endcap is solid with a center bevel in case you would like to drill out for a drain. The other endcap is for barrel attachment (5/8x24). Also included is 2 rubber gaskets to keep your unit from leaking solvent after use. When the endcaps are in the tube the total length is about 6 inches long. A perfect size for discrete use. Some folks like several in their bugout bags.

Alum Cups: There are 7 cups in this kit. Each cup fits snugly into the next cup. That's how we get 7 cups (one inch long) to fit into a 6 inch tube and have room for 1" headspacer. The cups are anodized aluminum so they are highly corrosion resistant and durable. Each cup is about the size of a quarter (see photo) and they have a center divot so you can drill for draining. Also each cup is 60 degree coned which seems to be another favorite feature of this kit.

These little micro kits are giants in performance and they won't break your budget at this incredible sales price. Many folks keep 5 or more in their collections since they are cheap enough to dispose of when needed.

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