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Alum Slide Cup: 3mm thick!

Alum Slide Cup: 3mm thick!

$7.00 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price

Radical price reduction from $7 to $3 for a couple hundred of these cups. We still use this design on our premium kit and will continue to carry them, but after the sale they will return to regular price. A good time to stock a few extra for cup replacement. These fit any premium solvent filter that we have ever sold. :)


This is for one filter cup. Cups are made from 6061 aluminum with a T6 heat rating (highest). They are black anodized finish to resist corrosion. Each cup is 3mm super-thick and have a very small center hole for drainage. Stainless Steel screens are included in each cup for capturing debris. OD = 37.7mm. All cups stack tightly with curvature into the next cup. Cup bottoms are flat inside and curved on the outside, which provide a super thick (7mm/over 1/4") thick bottom.


9" tubes hold 8 cups. 7" tubes hold 6 cups. 5" tubes hold 4 cups.

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