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Steel Crush Washer 1/2"

Steel Crush Washer 1/2"

$1.75 Regular Price
$0.15Sale Price

Note: Radical price reduction from $1.75 to 15 cents. We have about 100 extra so it's time to discount to clear them out. :)


This is for one Crush Washer. They are made of steel and have been treated in a hot oil bath to resist field corrosion. This crush washer fits the AR15 series: ammo types of 223 & 556. They are handy to apply end-of-barrel accessories like flash hiders, concussion forwarders, solvent trap cleaners, etc. 

We only have a couple hundred extra in our stock and don't expect them to last long. These are not the hybrid metal crush washers, these are 100% steel so you can crush the shit out of them to fine tune your accessory &&&& they take the heat very well. :)

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